Project Types

Energy, Renewable, and Sustainability Assessments

FSG routinely provides energy engineering and sustainability analysis to determine the efficiency and conservation opportunities for buildings. We complete both preliminary evaluations using interview tools and walk-thru audits and complete more advanced energy studies using engineering and investment grade audits. We conduct utility bill analysis, benchmarking studies, and testing to ensure our models are accurate and represent the risk-reward profile required for a specific project opportunity.

We have also completed analysis and support for numerous renewable energy and sustainability projects, including use of ground source heat pumps, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies, fuel cells, cogeneration, heat pump water heaters, condensing boilers and hot water systems. We routinely utilize industry certifications and metrics such as LEED, Green Globes, Green Communities, Earth Craft and ENERGY STAR.

Energy Performance Contracting Support Projects

FSG has reviewed numerous contracts to complete contract cost & savings review and contract terms & conditions. FSG has also provided construction commissioning and measurement & verification, using ASHRAE and IPMVP protocols using Option A to Option D.

Energy and Sustainability Strategic Plans

FSG has assisted numerous clients to create and implement comprehensive energy and sustainability strategies.


Case Studies


Facility Strategies Group acted as the Commissioning Authority (CxA) for the Goddard School construction project. FSG performed LEED fundamental and enhanced commissioning services for the HVAC, plumbing and lighting systems. FSG reviewed designs and submittals to ensure compliance with the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and worked with the design team to document the Basis of Design (BoD). During construction, FSG reviewed contractor checklists, test forms, start-up sheets, balance reports and acceptance forms in order to verify the proper installation and functioning of all equipment. FSG used final design drawings, project specifications, and equipment installation manuals to verify equipment installation and operation met the OPR. The project included energy efficient and renewable energy features such as LED interior lighting luminaires, solar photovoltaic panels, and high efficiency rooftop packaged HVAC equipment. The project achieved LEED Silver Certification.

Charlotte CMS

Facility Strategies Group was the Commissioning Authority (CxA) for the HVAC, electrical and plumbing retrofits at an addition to Independence High School in South Charlotte. The addition included 1) a new 1,600 seat gymnasium and supportive spaces such as locker rooms, restrooms, office space, concessions, and storage, 2) a new administrative office area with lobby and entry, and 3) renovation of an existing gymnasium. FSG was involved in all stages of the project to ensure all MEP items were properly implemented. FSG used checklists, test forms, start-up sheets, trend data, balance reports and acceptance forms in order to verify the proper installation and functioning of all equipment. FSG used final design drawings, project specifications and Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) to confirm that the Owner’s needs are met.

Charlotte HA

Facility Strategies Group worked with the Charlotte Housing Authority to redevelop three senior high rise sites and certify the project to LEED Gold. FSG provided upfront benefit-cost analysis, LEED energy modeling, and M&V. Among other services, FSG has provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning for the projects. FSG prepared the analysis for Charlotte’s successful $6.2M competitive ARRA grant. The retrofits were nearly $10M for each building and will include full mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system retrofits. The first project has been awarded LEED Gold certification and has received numerous awards including Multi-Housing Community of the Year.


Facility Strategies Group has been working with the New York City Housing Authority for a number of years and has provided a wide range of services, including EPC consulting, measurement and verification, commissioning, rate reduction incentive analysis, utility rate studies/analysis, and various ad hoc projects. FSG is providing support for NYCHA’s $18M EPC which includes central boiler plant replacements, hot water renovations, and lighting system retrofits. FSG completed energy audits to assess the performance of boiler and domestic hot water plant equipment and peripherals, including evaluating condensate receiver systems, recirculation pumps, and instantaneous hot water heater operation.  In addition, FSG completed commissioning for a new geothermal domestic hot water system at one of NYCHA’s developments. FSG reviewed design drawings and inspected installed equipment to verify compliance. FSG also provides an annual review of NYCHA’s energy procurement policy to quantify the savings associated with using a third party supplier. This involves compiling a year’s worth of electric and gas consumption, building up supply and delivery rates, and comparing costs between different vendors to determine NYCHA’s savings.